We’ve banished C*O roles — How do we live as a company without bosses?

  • Desire and willingness to play an active role in shaping SPOUD for the good of the company.
  • Minimum workload of 60%.
  • The majority of the existing partners must agree to the admission.
  • We have short communication paths between people, therefore making decisions doesn’t require too much time.
  • Broad sourcing of employee interests.
  • Transparency for all corporate and cultural topics promotes a deeper understanding of corporate and cultural topics and their implementation.
  • Closed-loop between problem identification and measures.

The functions

Photo by @trommelkopf

Prime tasks

The Prime is the leading partner. The Prime is elected by the partners on a quarterly basis and represents the company’s business to the Board of Directors. The Prime is responsible for the organization and efficient conduct of meetings, has a deciding vote in the case of a tie, but is otherwise equal to all other partners. They ensure that partners are informed of upcoming decisions and ensure that decisions are made in a timely manner.

Watchdogs and Understudies

To enhance efficiency, individual partners take over watchdog responsibilities for seven different intelligence domains. All watchdogs have understudies, who are the upcoming watchdogs in their fields. They support the watchdog during their term of office, learn and will take over the office of the watchdog after the term has finished.

What do we expect from the new system?

In the long term, we aim to help everyone in our team to find happiness and purpose inside of SPOUD. We hope this transparent system will allow us to make decisions quickly and efficiently, as a team, while systematically optimizing our business goals and results.



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