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  • Jasmin Fluri

    Jasmin Fluri

    👩‍💻Software & Data Engineer @ schaltstelle.ch 💻 Oracle ACE ♠ — Writes about databases and how to engineer your database applications — 🐦@jasminfluri

  • Teiva Harsanyi

    Teiva Harsanyi

    Software Engineer, Go, Rust, Java | 改善

  • Ananth Packkildurai

    Ananth Packkildurai

    I break things for living.

  • Maciej Szymczyk

    Maciej Szymczyk

    Software Developer, Big Data Engineer, Blogger (https://wiadrodanych.pl), Amateur Cyclists & Triathlete, @maciej_szymczyk

  • Neethu M V

    Neethu M V

    Neethu is a passionate Data Engineer having more than 4 years of experience and expertise in Hadoop, Hive, Apache Spark, Kafka, AWS,Airflow, Kylin.

  • Arun Jijo

    Arun Jijo

    Data engineer at DataKare Solutions who gained expertise at Apache Nifi, Kafka, Spark and passionate in Java.

  • Jay Kreps

    Jay Kreps

    Co-founder of @confluentinc (http://confluent.io). Co-creator of @apachekafka. Taller than I look on Twitter.

  • FlowSquad.io


    We are experts in workflow automation and customized software development. We share our experiences with Camunda, Spring Boot, React, Apache Kafka and more!

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